Do you believe in the power of your ideas?

Have you ever come up with an idea that could be turned into a product or service? Did you dismiss it as not being worthy of being implemented? Were you embarrassed to talk about your idea to family and friends?

All of us have a creative imagination that allows us to come up with ideas, combine objects or concepts and spark something new.

What’s the best way to kick-start your creative engine?

Here at Idea Accelerator you will learn how to take little steps towards coming up with ideas that may make a significant change or contribution in your life and business.

Simon Cowell the X Factor boss recently said: “One good idea a year can pay you for your next 10 years”.

New ideas don’t need to lead to new products and services. You can also use your creative imagination to come up with better ideas for living at home, more effective ways of doing your work, streamlining processes and helping other people live better lives whether it be improved foods, weight loss, exercise, dressing themselves, beautifying their homes and gardens and even providing them with more enjoyable forms of entertainment.

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