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MAIN LOGOIdea Accelerator focuses on innovation, idea generation, business and entrepreneurship. Are you are studying business and entrepreneurship? Do you dream of starting something of your own? We will help equip and prepare you for your exciting journey … towards personal freedom in a changing, disruptive world. Discarding myths and half-truths, Idea Accelerator sets out to show people how to create and compete and initiate opportunities. Invent your own future and reinvent your lifestyle and how you make a living.

Chesney Bradshaw, entrepreneur and trainer in entrepreneurial innovation and creativity, has established the popular blog Ideaaccelerator.co.za to help people who want to be more creative and start something of their own.

His first-hand hardships and learning from the streets growing up in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, fueled his concern about high job losses and a shrinking economy with fewer opportunities for people of any age. Entrepreneurship is an option for many but for those who may never had considered entrepreneurship a whole new approach is required.

Chesney established Ideaaccelerator.co.za in 2010 drawing on his many years experience in business and entrepreneurship. Since then the blog site has attracted more than more 22,000 visitors and has assisted many people.

The website’s most popular blog posts are:

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From the huge interest in the blog, Chesney published the book, “Breakthrough ideas: How to Produce Ideas for Profit in your Life and Business”, an imprint from Bell & Cray Publishing, which is still in print.

Chesney continues to publish blog posts and other useful resources for people who want to generate ideas for profit. The blog offers tools and resources for people who want to prepare themselves for entrepreneurship.