How far would you go in trusting others with your new business idea?

MAIN LOGOA security guard came to the manager of a certain business one morning and told him that the business person who shared premises had loaded up the back of his car with stock. On approaching the business owner who shared the premises, he claimed that he was in a rush and had left the money with the staff so that they could pay the other business owner when he opened his doors.

People make all sorts of excuses when they are caught red handed. But this story really goes to show how some people will behave given any sort of chance. One would expect that a business owner who shared premises with another business would safeguard the interests of both businesses but it didn’t turn out in this case. Action was not taken with the business owner who was caught red handed but increased security measures have been put in place so that this person will not do it again. The question mark that hangs over this incident is how much other stock has this business owner taken over the years?

Trust is not something to be taken lightly. Without it, it’s difficult to do business of any kind. Yet it easy for another to justify the actions with all sorts of excuses if they cross the thin red line of ethical behaviour. Continue reading “How far would you go in trusting others with your new business idea?”