Is the cost of energy hurting your small business?

Photo courtesy of "Death to Stock"
Photo courtesy of “Death to Stock”

I saw some interesting news from the UK where small business owners are under pressure to cut their energy use. Some of the issues that small businesses have is trying to make old buildings more energy efficient, finding the cheapest and most sustainable ways of heating and lighting buildings, dealing with the many separate sources of energy advice for small businesses from central and local government, lack of transparency from energy suppliers about the most appropriate tariffs, problems with direct debits that over- or under-charge leaving them with huge bills or rebates and a poor idea about support from energy efficiency schemes. Continue reading “Is the cost of energy hurting your small business?”

How can you cut costs to the bone without harming your business?

Expenses (Photo credit: Phillie Casablanca)

Every Rand saved in cutting costs goes straight to your bottom line. But how far can you go in cutting costs before it hurts your business? What steps could you take today to introduce a tactical plan for cutting away unnecessary expenses?

When I was growing up I was amazed at how my grandparents would live frugally. My grandmother would fold up plastic bags and stash them away in the draw, keep yoga cups and never waste even one single slice of bread. My grandparents had lived through the Second World War and had known times when everything including money was scarce. Continue reading “How can you cut costs to the bone without harming your business?”