Hobby entrepreneurs provide first step to starting a micro business


I went to a Saturday morning market some time back and was surprised to see a range of hand and body lotions being displayed on a stall that were a cut above the rest. On making enquiries I found out that the lotions which use milk and honey was a hobby business started by a man from the Netherlands. I have a skin ailment so I’m always on the lookout for new creams that provide relief and heeding. After speaking to the owner I discovered that the business had been started as a hobby and then grew into a micro business and subsequently he is selling his products via the Internet and was talking about national distribution. His range was extensive and included woman’s facial products as well as an after-shave balm for men. Continue reading “Hobby entrepreneurs provide first step to starting a micro business”

Where do you find ideas for nothing?

Ideas can make millions. Where do you find your million dollar idea?

Well, the first place you could look for ideas is your hobbies and interests. What have you done, are doing that could be turned into a profit machine?

Many entrepreneurs have got their new business ideas from their hobbies. Small businesses have been started from hobbies in baking, gardening, cycling, collecting share certificates – you name it – people have taken their hobbies, found a market for what they have to offer and slowly built successful businesses.

Ideas can come from problems and customer complaints. A young woman in Australia once heard a shop counter salesperson say, “If I had a dollar for every time someone asked for matte lipstick, I’d be rich.” Well, Poppy King listened and built a lipstick business. Listening can unearth a goldmine. Continue reading “Where do you find ideas for nothing?”