Is it time to wake up?

A business person started a restaurant, ran it successfully for five years, and realised that the long working hours were killing him. He decided to sell up and start a new wholesale business in the food trade.

How many of us wake up in time before disaster strikes? How many small business owners set aside time to reflect on how far they’ve come, what is wrong in their business and lives and make decisions to change things? Continue reading “Is it time to wake up?”

Old wine in new bottles – opportunities for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in the Western Cape wine district, found a new opportunity to take something old and turn it into a money-spinner.

They have found old vineyards, abandoned long ago, and have re-established them. Several revenue streams are flowing: consulting to farm owners who want to re-establish old vineyards, selling of the wines from these vintage vineyards and tourist tours.

How’s that for coming up with a new idea that can churn out money? Continue reading “Old wine in new bottles – opportunities for entrepreneurs”

What to do when your business idea fails

Terminal decay. Photograph by Chesney Bradshaw.

A small business owner in a radio soapie sunk all his money into a new business idea – ice cream making – and suddenly found out that the product was being rejected by customers. He found himself in deep trouble, desperate about what to do next.

In this economy, many small business owners are facing the same challenge. They have invested all their money into a new business and it isn’t turning out as expected. Before long they realise that all the money that they sunk into their business idea has come to naught. Continue reading “What to do when your business idea fails”