Looking for positive forms in negative spaces

Fantastic Four #72 (March 1968). Cover art by ...
Fantastic Four #72 (March 1968). Cover art by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott. The pseudo-fractal nature of the red light comes from the negative space created by the Kirby dots. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In art, in drawing and painting, perceiving the shape of a space is important. You are trying to change your perspective so that you see the positive aspects of negative space. As Betty Edwards, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” says, we tend to focus on objects rather like in some cultures where working “within the space of a problem” is common practice. In drawing, recognising negative spaces is just as important as identifying positive forms.

Negative spaces and positive forms is a good metaphor for new business ideas. We tend not to make it a habit to look with a different perspective at problems for opportunities. In our culture the word “problem” seems “negative” and we tend to use euphemisms such as “challenge”. But by looking for problems we are able to see the positive form or solution emerge. Continue reading “Looking for positive forms in negative spaces”