Are you still not promoting your small business online?

English: Flymo hover lawn mower
English: Flymo hover lawn mower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s amazing to see how many small businesses that have a physical presence are still not promoting their business online. Some small businesses don’t yet have their own website and others who may have a website merely use it as a listing of their products and services and provide their contact information.

Perhaps these small businesses can’t find someone to do their website design for them or they believe that hosting a website costs too much money. Yet a website for your small business doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With WordPress you are able to come up with a website that looks professional and can handle online queries. There may be reasons why some small businesses don’t want to stick their necks out on the Internet but that’s another story. Continue reading “Are you still not promoting your small business online?”

Do you make these mistakes in advertising your products?

Land Rover advert
Land Rover advert (Photo credit: Ben Terrett)

The petrol price has sky-rocketed to such stratospheric levels that companies have been forced to pull their sales people off the road.

Now more businesses are looking at selling through less direct sales methods such as print advertising, telesales and online sales messages.

The effective sales appeals that salespeople are able to make when selling face-to-face, reading customer clues on the spot, are much more difficult in shorter written messages. Continue reading “Do you make these mistakes in advertising your products?”