What do these people have that others don’t?

 Copyright 2016 Chesney Bradshaw

Copyright 2016 Chesney Bradshaw

Lessons from a Kalk Bay fisherman

When I was a schoolboy growing up in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, during the months of August and September the big Cape storms would create great swells with waves crashing against the harbour wall, churning up the water.

In those days Kalk Bay was a real fishing harbour packed with boats. Anything that could float and get a licence to be moored in the harbour would go out catching tons of fish in False Bay.

During the big Cape storms any boat that was unseaworthy would probably sink to the bottom. Sure, there weren’t many them that sank but the heavy seas would put at least one or more down inside the murky depths of the harbour. Continue reading “What do these people have that others don’t?”

Laughable customer service provides opportunity for small business owners

23_1I was talking to a business owner the other day and she gave an example of laughable customer service at an outlet of a behemoth chain of retail stores. A prospective customer at the retail outlet had asked for an item but the manager said that they don’t stock it. When the small business owner heard this she took the customer and the manager to the top shelf and showed the manager where it was stocked in his store. The small business owner just shook her head and said it was fantastic for a small business competing in the same field. Continue reading “Laughable customer service provides opportunity for small business owners”