How knowing the difference between intelligence and information can profit your business

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Garry Kasparov vs Viswanathan Anand World Championship match. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Idea Accelerator started out as one blog post twice a month two years ago. Since then the demand for independent business intelligence has grown with visitors to the site doubling compared to a year ago. A few months back I increased the frequency of posts on Idea Accelerator to daily. Some days are slower than others but visitor numbers reach new records – viewers tripling on some days.

I’ve now published close to 250 posts and will keep the daily frequency for the time being depending on demand and my business commitments. Continue reading “How knowing the difference between intelligence and information can profit your business”

Generate publicity without breaking the bank

Recent reports reveal that small business closures are up dramatically. Publicity plays a vital role in gaining the right sort of attention for your business to keep existing customers and win over new ones.

Winning the attention of customers and prospective customers is one of the more important priorities as small businesses fight for survival in these difficult economic times. Publicity helps businesses get noticed without forking out a lot of money. Though the attractive thing about publicity is that you don’t need to invest a lot of marketing cash to get results, you need to invest your time. Doing publicity yourself involves thinking about your strategy, coming up with unusual ideas that fit your business and implementing them with consistent follow-through.