How can you avoid the dreaded deadlock in negotiations?

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest
Deadlock: Planetary Conquest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Friday after supper I went to a local neighbourhood pub in central Johannesburg and was surprised to see so many couples kissing. These weren’t people in their early 20s but couples close to the halfway mark in years.

I’m not sure if it was the warm inside contrasted against the cold highveld temperature outside that welcomed Eros into the midst of these late evening lovers. It could have been the free-flowing friendly atmosphere. All the heady affects of Bacchus’s gifts of wine and spirits. Who knows? It may have been the sensuous music oozing through the overhead speakers at just the right level.

But one thing was certain. These loving couples were not strangers. They had come there to relax, let off their tension from the working week and were out to enjoy themselves.

One of the biggest mistakes negotiators, whether small business owners or company representatives, make is to not build common ground before they begin to discuss the issues tabled on the negotiating agenda. Continue reading “How can you avoid the dreaded deadlock in negotiations?”