Does the story of your small business turn customers on?

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Storytelling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The local South African film industry is struggling to tell good stories but often they run aground. Mass audiences are more interested in escaping from the harsh reality of modern day life in the country and rather lap up the Hollywood blockbusters. A local film “Of Good Report” was supposed to open at a film festival last year but was not screened on opening night because the censorship board decided it was unfit for public consumption. “Hard to Get” is a hard-edged story which, as one film critic said could help to attract cyber kids away from their tablets and smartphones into the cinema. Going back many years even to 1973 films have had short-run lives. “Joe Bullet” was a groundbreaking movie for the mass market but was banned only after two showings because of its actors. Continue reading “Does the story of your small business turn customers on?”