What is the secret to your success?

The Shadow
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An Australian physician Barry Marshall and a colleague discovered that peptic ulcers were due to a bacteria and not stress as previously thought. In 1984 Marshall did the ultimate test by injecting himself with a bacteria, developing the symptoms of the disease and then successfully treated himself with antibiotics.

Marshall and his fellow pathologist spend many years trying to convince the medical establishment of the validity of the work. In 1994 the World Health Organisation accepted that the bacteria (H. Pylori) is a causative factor in stomach cancer. The work of Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren received the Nobel Prize for physiology in 2005.

This Australian physician was certain that he knew the cause of a disease and could come up with a solution. But no one in the medical establishment would believe him. He couldn’t do the experiment on other human beings so he chose to do it himself. Continue reading “What is the secret to your success?”