Beware of the avaricious estate agent

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If you are selling your property, you probably want to read this.

Yes, there are good estate agents but there are also the bad ones.

Last week I covered options for selling a property in a down market. This week I’d like to take a look at the behaviour and practice of estate agents.

Of course, there are benignant estate agents. I’d like to say that the professional estate agents provide good service, are available and report back on a regular basis.

But no matter how good an estate agent is they are only effective if they sell your property at a price acceptable to you.

If they can’t sell, then they are useless to you.

Let’s start off with things that can go wrong.

In this market, there are agents that are so desperate to make a sale that they bring proposals to you to sell your property at a price similar to a second hand car.

Have they no shame?

This is a terrible slap in the face for the seller. But it makes one wonder about ethics. There’s almost a recklessness in their behaviour.

Be careful of their arguments to bring your price down to an unbelievably low level.

The argument will go like this:

  • trumped up negative
  • exaggerated negative
  • rumour about the local area (completely untrue; in fact a lie)
  • several other irrelevant negatives

This then is their sales script or argument to get you to lower your price so that you end up with a loss and them with a profit.

Do they think sellers are fools?

Now if you are wondering whether what I’m saying is based on reality, then let me tell you I have real examples. But I’m not going to give them. Not on this platform.

There’s a lot more technical stuff to the negative behaviour by estate agents and I’ll leave it for another post.

All I can say is this: be careful who you choose as an estate agent.

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