How do you select a letting agent who will best represent your interests?

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Like anything else, selecting a letting agent who will best represent your interests is crucial to a successful outcome.

I’m in the same boat as those who have never rented out their property. I’ve done a reasonable amount of homework and have called in three letting agents to give me advice about renting.

But it’s difficult to choose one.

You need to think about who will best represent you.

Who will provide you with good service?

What commission do they expect or want?

And, most important is whether they will get you a suitable tenant.

This is quite a stressful situation for me because I’ve heard bad stories about tenants who won’t pay, damage property and leave it in a disgusting state.

I am not here to give advice. I think you can get advice from letting agents, lawyers, or any other professionals.

It’s also good to get advice from close friends who have rented in the past and those who are renting properties right now.

I think a very important thing is to have a contract that specifies everything you want to happen while the tenant is renting.

Another thing is to make sure that you read through all the clauses in the contract and understand them.

My letting is made difficult in this market because I want to sell my property but am unable to do so in this depressed market.

So I need a clause that states that the property is still under sale, and I have to specify a notice period.

Whatever you do, do your homework and get the correct advice. I wish you all the best.

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