How to make money from blogging

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Ever wondered whether making money from blogging was just an impossible dream made attractive by get-rich-quick hustlers? Here’s how to find out without losing the shirt off your back

I have put together information based on my own personal experience of running a blog for four years, 10 years as a webmaster and my research of successful case studies all over the world.

The realistic view is that while there are many bloggers blogging about making money from blogging actual public examples of successful bloggers are rare.

The few who have made money from blogging – and, of course a tiny handful have become millionaires – have not pursued some wild fantasy of becoming rich. They have approached blogging as a business, as any entrepreneurially-minded business person would do.

From these successful bloggers and online marketers, I have found exactly what has made them able to make money from their blogging business. You will not find this information anywhere on the Internet.

It’s not just about possessing passion for your subject or topic but going out and finding a large enough market, coming up with compelling content and establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

But there is more to their success than this. They have worked incredibly long and hard hours to make their blogs into money-making businesses using every trick and technique available that works online.

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