Batting for the wrong side

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Spring on the Spruit. Watercolour by Chesney Bradshaw

Customer service has improved in some areas. Flourishing Internet retail businesses and bricks and mortar retail outlets under huge competition in a tough market are two of the main causes.

Among these businesses you find the heroes but there are still many villains lurking about.

Take this one for example. A software company that provides an excellent product has has tripled the cost of this product. It makes you wonder who this company is batting for – the customer or themselves?

Financial services, especially financial advisors, often bat for the wrong side. If you ask a financial advisor, the first thing he or she wants to do is to get hold of all your investments and policies so that he or she can cream commissions off the top. They don’t want to hear about your financial investment issues. They seem to be only in it for the money.

Whose side are they batting for? Their side, Of course.

Then there are the car rental companies. They want you to pay for insurance for everything including the body of the car, tyres, windscreens and right down to the floor mats. Service in some cases is horrendous. If they catch the slightest mark on the vehicle you are hired, they want you to pay for it. Refuelling charges, administrative fees for minor accidents costing a bomb. Unfortunately, car rental companies are a necessary evil.

But it absolutely clear that the bad ones are batting for the wrong side: they want to protect their interests at the expense of the customer.

The cost of lost opportunity in repeat sales must be huge for these villainous businesses.

Why not check your business practices to see if you are batting for the right side – the customer – and not for the wrong side – your business.

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