Beware of invisible scripts that estate agents have – you’d be a fool not to read this if you are trying to sell your property in this difficult market

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I don’t know about you but I think it’s important to know what sort of estate agent you are dealing with to sell one of your most valuable assets.

That’s why it’s important to size up an estate agent who is going to represent you and your property. Of course, you could get referrals from people, which would shortcut the process.

But if you going in cold you need some way to decipher what kind of estate agent you are dealing with.

I’ve found that looking for the invisible scripts that estate agents have is important. These invisible scripts can be useful for dealings with any people whether salespeople or people you are negotiating. It comes in handy as well when understanding your own invisible script for investing but that’s a separate topic.

An invisible script helps you understand the type of character and objectives or motives that an estate agent has.

You might find that in an estate agent comes across as someone who says that they will give you excellent friendly service. But the invisible script could be that you are just another transaction and they will do the minimum possible to sell your property for you.

Another invisible script could be that the agent really wants to sell your property at any price, the lowest price possible to make a fast sale.

Yet another could be that the estate agent doesn’t like you personally (in this society people are highly prejudiced) and will try trick or undermine you. This script says the agent has no regard for you and also will attempt to sell your property by piling on negatives and making you believe that your property is worth less than it really is. Be specially cautious of an estate agent carrying this script around with them.

Well, then what is the positive script to look out for?

Behind all the talk and promises, you might find that the script that the agent is carrying with them is to genuinely help you sell your property for the best possible price, especially in this difficult market.

I don’t think identifying invisible scripts is a foolproof method by any means to uncover the motives of estate agents.

But I think that if you bear it in mind when looking for an estate agent to represent you and your property, it may help you to better size up the estate agent you are dealing with.

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