Blah blah fish paste

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Many consumers are searching for alternative spreads. Photo: Photo by Mariana Medvedeva on Unsplash

Fish paste lovers were shocked to see the decision by a large international food conglomerate, wipe out fish paste spreads manufactured in this country (and also delete a vegetable spread, which seems for good).

Just a few points I wish to make:

1 One of anything is a dangerous number. One supplier means that there is a monopoly. However, why no one else manufactures fish paste in this country is puzzling.

2 Consumers will seek substitutes. Already, other fish pastes are appearing on the market, albeit in small quantities. Many consumers are searching for alternative spreads (not jams and cheese only).

3 Dependence on certain products is a folly. A dermatological product I use has also disappeared from the market. Fortunately, there are better substitutes.

I’m hoping to see new entrants in the spreads market from small, local companies.

Why should we allow the giant corporations with obscene profits to decide what is good for us?

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