Business continuity management isn’t compulsory but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important (and vital in risky business environments)

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Photo credit: Michael Shannon, Unsplash

When I was growing up, eating healthy food wasn’t compulsory but a good diet was essential to health and vitality.

Lots of exercise wasn’t enforced but it was crucial to a happy mind and healthy body.

It’s not compulsory to go to your doctor for an annual check-up but you could detect trouble in its early stages.

You don’t have to take out household insurance but it can help get your home up and running after an armed robbery.

There’s no mandatory need to save for a rainy day but in these times a cash reserve can ease unnecessary hardship for your business.

It’s not compulsory to prepare a business continuity plan. Not like health and safety management plans and other legal compliance requirements. But having a business continuity plan will help get your business up and running faster after a disruptive incident. Or, it may prevent your business closing down as have so many in this challenging economic environment.

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