Business writing tips — for people who suddenly find themselves out of work

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You’re going along nicely in your job and suddenly things change. How often does this happen to well-meaning employees? With things as they are right now, it’s happening all the time.

What are the major reasons why people are forced to hunt for new jobs?

Here are a few:

  • Salary
  • Working environment
  • Poor management
  • Unethical management
  • Bullying behaviour (ignored or left unaddressed)
  • Not getting along with your boss
  • Overwork
  • Change fatigue

Sound familiar?

When you improve your writing, you can increase your chances of finding a suitable job. Most jobs require candidates to possess necessary English writing skills. Business writing requires you to possess a good understanding of the English language, vocabulary and structuring sentences. With excellent writing skills, you will become more attractive to recruiters and the hiring manager.

One way to develop your writing is through the Better Business Writing Skills Course. The course has been developed from more than 30 years writing experience and learning in reporting, business magazine writing, public relations and corporate communications and in industry. Our course on better business writing will help you to increase your influencing skills, communicate more effectively and persuasively.

Here are some writing skills you will learn:

  • How to avoid the embarrassing business writing mistakes that risk making your readers nod off or through sheer frustration simply giving up
  • How to prevent yourself embarrassing and belittling your colleagues through what you write, damaging valuable relationships and showing you up as untrustworthy
  • How small changes in your business writing can lead to communication that influences your readers to respond to you and what you have to offer
  • A hidden “twist” in effective written communication that makes your readers more receptive to your ideas and what you have to offer
  • How to “reactivate” your business email correspondence so that readers sit up and take note
  • 10 “quick fixes” for your business writing in trouble of coming across as abstract meaningless nonsense that nobody understands (and sometimes including you)

Every day you aren’t using these business writing methods in your business life, is a day you are missing out on building relationships, getting your proposals approved and leaving your career to chance.

To improve your business writing skills with our personal coaching will cost thousands and you will obtain editing and proof reading skills (if you are insistent on personal coaching and want a quotation, then please let us know).

A much more cost effective way to improve your business writing skills is to take our Better Business Writing SKills Course. If you want to get these business writing tools and methods at a very low $30.00 (R500.00) cost (the price will eventually go up after this generous introductory special offer), head on over to the link below before this special offer expires.

Here are the links to the Better Business writing Skills Course (hosted on two platforms):


Should you wish to obtain a brochure on the course, please email

Chesney Bradshaw

Chesney Bradshaw (BA Communications and English, MBA), Business Writing Trainer and Founder of the Business Writing Academy. Chesney has more than 30 years’ experience in business writing for publications and companies. He has helped managers and employees improve their business writing through training and coaching. His many years in corporate communications includes extensive experience in journalism, magazines writing, financial services, food manufacturing and engineering and technology industries. Chesney brings a broad business perspective to his training, consulting and coaching and shares his insights in a warm, engaging manner.

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