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The number of emails sent daily is staggering. Globally, something like 269 billion emails are sent each day.

How many emails do you receive in your inbox?

How many of them do you ignore and simply delete?

Writing with impact in business is important because it means the difference between being ignored or achieving your objective. A successful businessperson has to inform, persuade, and inspire others using ideas and words.

How do you increase your impact in your business writing?

It starts with following a writing process that will increase the impact of your writing.

First, you need to prepare to write which includes defining your reading audience, identifying your purpose, goal, or desired outcome of your communication.

The next step is to gather your content. Then you need to write a rough draft. This includes organizing your flow and increasing the impact of your thoughts, ideas and information.

After this, you need to revise your work to make your message concise and powerful. Then you will need to check your grammar and spelling.

Here’s a quick tip about using the power of three to make an impact. Reword a sentence in your email to reinforce the point you are making. For example:

“Writing with impact increases your chances of getting read, providing value and obtaining the result your want.”

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