Dangerous traps for those who write correspondence in business whether emails, SMS’s or WhatsApp messages?

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Social media platforms give the impression erroneously so that anything goes in writing. Unfortunately many people’s emails for business sound very similar to what they are writing on their Facebook page or WhatsApp message.

But you need to be careful. I mean one of the basic things is that you don’t want to come across as someone unprofessional when you are requesting something from a business person or trying to influence or sell them via email.

We are now in an age that is highly politicised whatever country you live in. I believe it is important to take some time to become familiar with what is politically acceptable and what is not.

It’s a very sad fact but some people have destroyed their careers through making the wrong remarks.

It’s alright to say what you like on Facebook and take your chances. But not in business correspondence. You’ll quickly learn that business is conservative. It has to be. Businesses or corporations deal with a diversity of people from a diversity of countries and need to communicate in standard English that doesn’t offend, doesn’t leave room for misunderstanding and doesn’t tolerate ambiguity.

Don’t be fooled. Correct English in business still counts. It marks you as a professional. It helps you get what you want in a polite and sincere way.

Maybe you want help with this. I can offer you personalised one-on-one coaching to be a better writer of business correspondence, be more influential and persuasive and avoid the traps that could cost you your reputation and job. It’s easy to contact me. Just message me after you’ve read this post.

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