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I was coaching someone a few weeks back about a business proposal to a group of international prospects. Just one change in the writing intention brought about a much more appealing proposition.

In my writing coaching sessions I have found that a lot of the focus is on audience receptive receptivity.

It’s important to know what you want to communicate before you begin to write whatever you want to get across.

Many people these they spend a lot of time on creating social media messages. Why? Because it’s important to get your message across, keep your personal brand engaged with others and connect with prospects.

With social media it’s knowing what to say and how to say it. We’re not talking about brief comments to acknowledge other people’s posts. It’s when you’re sending out your own messages to attract and engage with an audience where your communication counts.

The same applies to business-to-business communication. Emails, letters, reports, case studies, proposals, slide presentations and video scripts all require knowing what your audience will respond to, targeting the right audience, and keeping them hooked.

In my writing coaching sessions you can start where you want. They are tailor-made for you. Maybe you are working on a project and you need assistance. Perhaps you want to improve your writing of a email that will go out to many prospects. Whatever you want, I will help you. I will be your guide by your side.

You may only want one or two sessions. That’s fine with me. You may want regular engagement to improve your writing skills or craft on a regular basis. You may be working on a series of emails or social media posts and need to come up with a communication strategy.

Why not book now for a complimentary session. Get immediate benefit from my years of experience of coaching people who write for a living, for their businesses (coaching, training, marketing, important correspondence and so on) and even for their pleasure (creative writing).

Your complimentary session will help you find out if you would like to work with me or not. And if I can’t help you, I’ll say so immediately. There is absolutely no pressure to continue at all. It’s up to you and what you want. The relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that I create means that you can walk away and feel good about it.

If you wish to continue with some coaching sessions, you’re going to be extremely satisfied with the rates I offer because they are designed to suit any pocket.

Remember that your first session is complimentary so why not book now.

I’m not sure if my coaching sessions are sold out or not for March but contact Sue Both (connect with her on Facebook messenger) who handles bookings. Coaching sessions with me are R250 for an hour. Both the complimentary and paid versions are worth it.

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