Face change from within

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On the road in Namibia. Photographer: Chesney Bradshaw

Disruption. Turbulence. Volatility. Uncertainty.

Major changes are hurtling towards us at an increasing rate.

How do you cope?

External circumstances can bring about major life changes. Think of the unprescedented number of businesses that are restructuring and closing, the huge number of job losses and environmental degradation, ultimately lowering the quality of life around you.

You can’t ignore the realities in the outside world. But often they are out of your control. This is why adaptation or response to change needs to come from within.

Inner change begins with examining who you are, what you want and how and your vision for yourself. You can control your attitude, your perspective or paradigms, your behaviour and your inner world.

The human condition is difficult, life is difficult – nobody said change is easy. What happens to you is less important than how you are going to handle it.

Inner change puts into sharp focus values, purpose and meaning. As Stephen Covey says, values build character. Without purpose or meaning in our lives, we can drift, take the easy way out, feel sorry for ourselves. A mission, a purpose a clear meaning, supplies us with energy to drive forward and achieve those things that matter most – peace of mind, security and love.

Changing your inner world takes time, hard work and changing mental habits. A quick way to gain new perspective is to use a technique offered by Gerry Gilles. Write down 10 good things about the change you are experiencing – no matter whether it is a loss of a business, loss of a job or, heaven forbid, a life-threatening illness. It’s hard I know. But give it a try and resolve to come up with 10 positive things. Write down 10 good things about about your current situation (if things were to have stayed the same), even if you are in the eye of a personal storm.

This little exercise will start to turn your thoughts around. The two sides begin to balance in your mind. You may see opportunities that you had never thought about before. From this base start digging deeper into your values and decide what you really want. What is important to you? Where do you want to go with the rest of your life. What is your life’s mission or purpose?

Gaining new perspective in our lives is important. We have to do it. There is no alternative but to find a new path, a new life to live … and follow perhaps a low road less travelled. James Clear says in a Tweet, “Life is short. And if life is short, then moving quickly matters. Launch the product. Write the book. Ask the question. Take the chance.”

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