Failed state, failed government? Or both?

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We are living in extraordinary times for this country. Much of what was built has been turned to ruin.

But is it a failed state or failed government? Or is it both?

It‘s pointless adding up all the things that are now broken. It’s taken 30 years to break down the country.

Why should you care?

For many reasons. One of them is the future for you and your children.

Look at other failed states and you will see how little of a future is left for the citizens.

In failed states across the world migration increases at an alarming rate. Think of how many people are left in that country called Zimbabwe. One man, a Spanish citizen, told me that 7 million people had left Venezuela. And the population is only about 21 million.

With educated and skilled people leaving, these human resources are unavailable to support the country.

But again does it matter?

It doesn’t seem so when you find that there is total disregard for stopping the carnage and saying enough is enough.

Things just go on without decisions being made. Critical decisions. I’m sure you’re aware of them such as the power, transport infrastructure and local infrastructure (roads, sewerage, water). Some businesses have left communities because there is little or nothing that works anymore.

As the country breaks up, poverty increases. This results in criminal behaviour such as smashing up cemeteries. Poverty grinds away respect for humanity. At night, people are sleeping all over the place on the streets, making fires in suburban areas with no one taking any notice.

Are there any solutions to this?

Do you wait around for better days?

Do you carry on with your life and ignore what is happening around you?

Do you isolate yourself as best you can from the decay and chaos?

Some people, especially the working classes, have to continue bringing in a monthly income to survive, to feed their children and educate them. They can’t dwell on these things and give up. They have to continue grinding it out.

There are small instances of good such as people fixing things and replacing them. But the quantum is too small to make a major impact. This needs to be done at a national level but there is no national will to rebuild.

Fearing for your future in a broken country isn’t going to get you anywhere. You have to move on and make plans for your own future.

Of course what masks the ruined state and economy is that there is still a lot of money in it, with many people wanting to spend their money. Merely think of the huge market of consumers for local and international food manufacturing companies. Some things still work, although not as well as they used to, but while there is money to be made, heads will be down making it.

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