Get out there and fight the recession

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Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

Gloomy, depressing for some. Exciting prospects for others. What’s the secret?

Look around — see the number of foreign business people coming into the country, identifying opportunities.

A clothing store in a run-down down shopping centre. Thriving. In this economy.

A small shopping centre refurbishing and repositioning.

A vinyl junkie store opens next door in a dilapidated building but watch them grow now on the main street.

A women-owned butchery, far from the major shopping centres, doing well with quality protein products.

A corner cafe with a bit of parking space – a second-hand car dealer selling ground charged at a bargain-basement rental.

Unused space, dilapidated buildings, unwanted machinery – it takes the entrepreneur’s mind to see the opportunity.

What’s the difference?

Whatever has happened to you in the past – forget it. But can you? It’s hard changing your mental lenses. Sometimes I wish I could burn out of my brain everything that happened in the past. Perhaps leaving the good things. You’ve got to get out there and show attitude.

A small bunch of hardy people … pursuing their opportunity.

Immigrants see things with fresh eyes.

We all were immigrants once.

Do you want to find your opportunity?

Maybe, just maybe, you’re not so sure of yourself.

Perhaps you’re not sure if you’ve got it in you to do it.

Best stay away and stick to the tried and tested.

During all the European wars, a little-known foundation kept buying up property. Even during the Second World War. This foundation is so big today that it can help many people.

Seeing opportunity where others see catastrophe.

If you really want it, and you’re willing to see things differently and get out there with attitude, “Breakthrough Ideas” may be what you’re looking for.

It’s a serious, under-the-radar resource. It gives secrets on how to change the way you view the world and your place in it. It helps give you the attitude to get out there and create possibilities and opportunities for yourself.

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