How anger spoils your health

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Photo by Julien L on Unsplash

No matter how much good food you put in your mouth, it’s what comes out of your mouth that can affect your health.

People go on all sorts of healthy eating diets. Some try to cut down on red meat. Others eat both meat and fat. A growing group go vegetarian. Others go to the extreme and settle for a vegan diet.

Healthy food is all good and well but the words that come out of your mouth can lead to stress and anxiety. The things you say to other people—family members, friends, and colleagues—can have a detrimental impact on your health.

Especially when words are spoken in anger.

I’ve witnessed and experienced unnecessary anger turn into nasty words and comments. It makes me anxious, causes stress and affects my sleep.

The perpetrators suffer from the same levels of anxiety and stress. They justify their words, thinking that their anger was the right thing. Soon their bodies will feel the effects of what they spewed out in anger.

Before you open your mouth, think for a moment about what you are going to say.
Will your words hurt – both your and the person you are addressing? Are you in the right emotional state? Should you wait until you are calm?

Various techniques are available to calm yourself down. From the old wisdom of counting to ten or the more recent STOPP technique.

While expressing anger can be helpful when done in the right manner, blind rage as some people quickly fall into, just harms both parties.

I’ve been talking about spoken words face to face, but words can also be put into voice notes on WhatsApp, social media messages, and emails.

The best path to take is to understand that peace of mind makes the body healthy and anger expressed in any form is destructive to body, mind, and spirit.

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