How do you create a pen profile of the ideal buyer for your property in a collapsed property market?

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In ordinary times you wouldn’t be so concerned about the right profile of a person to buy your property. However, when times are tough and the property market is down it pays to do some thinking about your potential buyers.

It’s really no different from any sales process. You need to think about who has an interest in buying a property. Also, who has the money to buy a property in a depressed market? And what sort of person would be interested in your property either to live in or rent it out as an investment opportunity.

Creating a pen profile (also known as a buyer persona) for the ideal buyer in a collapsed property market involves researching and understanding the target audience.

Gather data on the current market conditions, demographics, and economic trends that affect buyers in the collapsed property market.

Understand why potential buyers might be interested in purchasing a property despite the market downturn. It could be for investment opportunities, downsizing, or relocation needs.

Determine the financial capabilities of the ideal buyer. Are they cash buyers, first-time homeowners, or investors with specific budget constraints?

Identify the type of property the ideal buyer would prefer, such as single-family homes, flats, duplexes or fix up/renovation homes.

Research the preferred locations for potential buyers within the collapsed property market. Some may be looking for specific neighborhoods or areas with potential for future growth.

Consider the lifestyle and needs of the ideal buyer. Are they looking for properties with amenities, proximity to schools, public transportation, or commercial areas?

Understand the challenges potential buyers might face in the current market and how your property can address those pain points.

Tailor your marketing messages and listing descriptions to appeal to the identified buyer persona, emphasizing the unique selling points that align with their preferences and needs.

Continuously monitor the market to adapt your pen profile as the market conditions and buyer preferences may change during the collapse.

By creating a well-defined pen profile, you can better target your marketing efforts, making your property more appealing to potential buyers in a down property market.

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