How do you improve your business writing?

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Business writing is something most business people do every day.

But are their emails and other correspondence effective?

One survey conducted in the computer technology industry involved 1,000 computer professionals. The survey showed that 28 percent of respondents acknowledged poor communication as the main cause of failure to deliver a project within its agreed time frame.

Poor writing skills can harm yourself and your business. One researcher says it can cause confusion and misunderstanding, waste important resources of time and money, erode credibility and trust.

A company reviewed nearly 3,000 emails and found 15 percent lacked a main idea or clear instructions for the reader, with 16 percent having to be re-worked. They calculated the cost of writing these poor emails.

How then to improve your business writing?

One of the common approaches is to examine word usage, grammar, sentence structure and compression of thought. But business writing goes much further and it takes application to improve.

You can read more business correspondence documents, get help from a colleague, take an online course, get someone to assist you with your writing or even get someone to do your writing for you.

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