How important is expertise, authority and trust to you in your job and business?

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In these business times when everyone is clamoring for business, orders, sales, contracts and internal resources, how important is expertise, authority and trust to you?

Take the social media area and consider the cacophony of voices vying for your attention.

How many of these messages are believable? Are the people behind them trustworthy?

More and more we are seeing fake news.

Think about it. Trust is important because it’s the foundation or bedrock of doing business with other people. How well are you trusted in your job or business? Trust is built up through many small behaviours.

Don’t ever believe that people are not watching you and measuring you up to determine whether they can trust you in their life or business.

Expertise is important because without it you would be just a generality. Companies today have specialists in many things. Is your expertise up to scratch? Do others in the company where you work or your customers know the full extent of your expertise?

When you communicate with others does your authority come across? Do others recognise and seek out your authority? Authority is also built up from many actions and like leadership it is something that is earned.

In the Better Business Writing Course we teach you how to use language in business to bring across your expertise and authority so that you are recognised as the professional that you deserve to be.

It’s a subtle thing but you can learn how to do it. It’s not about hammering the fact you’re good and how great your CV is – it’s about subtle word choices, sentence phrasing and respecting the other person. You will learn how to use a range of writing styles and tones appropriate for various situations (especially some very tricky situations you need to handle).

If you want to increase your trust with your colleagues and customers, especially in these difficult times when trust is low and competition for resources high, then go to the link below and enroll for the Better Business Writing course.

By the way, the course costs less than a meal for two people. 

It’s your future. It’s your responsibility. It’s your action and your decision that you take today that will determine your success.

Chesney Bradshaw has more than 30 years business experience in commerce and industry including business writing, producing magazines, writing coaching, corporate communications and sustainability management. He is author of the books “Better Business Writing Guide” and “Breakthrough Ideas”. He also mentors and coaches businesspeople in communications and business writing with confidence and less frustration through quick practical tips and examples from his years of business experience.

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