How to choose an estate agent that isn’t the rotten apple in the barrel

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First off you need to call in a reasonable number of estate agents.

I’ve done this so I have some experience.

Then you need to sift through their proposals.

But much more important is to get a sense of their character and the invisible scripts that they carry.

This might not be apparent at first.

It’s a good thing to wait a couple of days and form a mental impression of them.

Some would say you should get references on them, which is important in itself. But ultimately you are going to be the one who has to decide who to represent you and your property.

First impressions are important.

But second impressions can be telling.

Forgettery quickly occurs. We tend to forget the negative things that we perceived but glossed over them as if they weren’t important.

That’s why it’s important to shortlist say three agents, call them back and have a second meeting with them.

After this, you might feel that you are wasting time looking for more agents.

Even if one is fantastic, you never know if they are the rotten apple in the barrel.

Don’t rush the process.

Get a feel for how they behave, what they say and what they do.

For example, if they promised to call you back, how long do they take?

Choosing an estate agent to represent a significant portion of your assets is difficult.

Take your time and find somebody you believe you can trust.

There is no foolproof way.

If you discover that the estate agent you’ve chosen is not up to scratch, then wait a while and choose someone else.

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