How to overcome the fear of business writing

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Many people in business suffer from fear of writing:

  • I’m not very good at this
  • I can’t express something clearly, powerfully or effectively in email
  • I’m insecure of my writing style and my grammar
  • Writing well means obeying the rules
  • I fear no one will read my words
  • I won’t sound businesslike or professional
  • I fear coming across as long-winded and pedantic
  • I will receive a negative reaction from my colleague or customer
  • I get nervous and start making mistakes although I know grammar rules
  • Office politics means I have to tread carefully
  • What I’m writing isn’t very good
  • I’m bad at using transition words and providing an active voice to my message

You know how hard it is to get attention with your emails and writing the wrong thing can upset colleagues and customers? I teach business people to write with confidence and less frustration through quick practical tips and examples from my years of business experience.

Business writing is one of the top three skills that hiring managers look for. Poor writing skills on the job can hurt relationships among bosses and colleagues, lose valuable customers, result in costly errors and damage your reputation and that of your company. Don’t wait until you’re shown the door before you do something about your business writing skills. 

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