Is the Christmas message still relevant?

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Photo by Emre Can Acer from Pexels

A minister implements his Stalinist policies against a language (the third most spoken language in the country) used by between 15 and 23 million people.

A virus harms the health of thousands and kills hundreds.

Criminals loot and destroy public and private property resulting in billions of losses and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Public officials and civil servants steal money and property from government institutions and state owned enterprises.

Hateful, spiteful, vengeful people in power spit out their poison to divide people and continually try to illegally claim what isn’t theirs.

Criminals murder, rape and rob private individuals. Innocent people die on the street, in households and on farms.

Yet, there are those who try to uphold the law by instituting legal proceeding, fight unjust laws and help build communities.

Taxi drivers and members of communities protect their town shopping centres from criminal looters and rioters.

People with no reward except the joy that service brings help educate children, provide them with food and shelter.

In a post-nature era, concerned citizens clean up polluted rivers, littered streets and roads and help protect fauna and flora for future generations.

Families battle against the cost of living and fewer and fewer jobs, trying to feed, cloth and educate their children with love.

Ordinary people forgive those who persecute them for the colour of their skin, the spite and hate towards the home language they speak and even their crimes of neglect against the poor.

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