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I’ve suddenly realised that I haven’t let you know that has gone weekly.

We’ve got so much to talk about and share.

Like new business ideas, tools and tips on how to solve business problems.

The first quarter of this year is nearly over and we’ve covered: 

  • How to challenge long-standing beliefs about brainstorming and increase the quality of your ideas. We gave you a secret about solo brainstorming that works magic like Harry Potter’s wand.
  • A secret ingredient anybody has that inventor and business person extraordinaire James Dyson used to build a fortune.
  • Inside information on a dangerous number that could put you and your business at serious risk.

If you’ve missed any blog posts this year from www.ideaaccelerator, simply scroll down this page.

For April we have lined up a series of enticing new ideas, tools and tips:

  • An innovation roadmap that charts your clear way from idea to commercialisation.
  • How to tell whether you should dump or pursue your brilliant idea you have in the shower?
  • With new product failure rates as high as 95%, what should you do to increase the odds of developing that idea for a hot new chilli sauce, must-have lipstick or kitchen gadget?

The marketplace has changed over the past three years. Prospects and customers are willing to buy but to open their wallets you need to come up with what they want. Value is only good as what the customer perceives it to be.

We’d love to hear from you to find out if these articles are assisting you in your business.

Do you wish us to cover any other areas of innovation, idea generation and solutions to business problems?

Recently we analysed three new businesses, two in operation and one in the planning stage. We used many of the techniques we talk about on www.ideaaccelerator to assist this business owner find solutions that outsmart competitors… which is increasingly needed in our dynamic, ever-changing and fast-moving marketplace.

You’ll save thousands — and stand to make thousands — with these incredibly useful secrets that you won’t find anywhere else…

Chat to you soon.

Stay inspired

Chesney Bradshaw

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