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It’s Tuesday today – the day that’s furthest away from Monday, the day when many feel at their lowest point of energy. It’s not for nothing that even songwriters have written about Monday blues such as “I don’t like Mondays”, “Manic Monday” and “Blue Monday”.

Interesting that songs about Tuesday are more upbeat: “Ruby Tuesday”, “Groovy Tuesday” and “Hooray for Tuesday”.

Mondays can drain our energy as we try to break away from the relaxed state of the weekend and recoil ourselves for the first day of the working week.

But why can’t everyday be a good day? What can we do to make each day the best day of our lives? How do we “create” or “manufacture” the energy to enjoy every day?

Some people point to the mind saying that you need to pump yourself into a positive mood. Remember the lecture circuit gurus who believed we should chant positive affirmations.

Others believe you need to get the body working: exercise, running, walking, cycling and swimming, yoga and dancing.

If it can take this much thought and motion to change your mood, what does it take to get you into a creative mood to produce business ideas?

When you approach an ideas session, whether that is simply to jot some ideas in your notebook or on your smartphone or use one of the creative creativity tools to prompt ideas, you need to be in some sort of energised or resourceful state.

Just think how many brilliant ideas you’re going to come up with if you’re plugged into a bad mood.

I’ve found that visualisation is something that works for me. Visualisation is such a fancy word that it can be off-putting. It’s really about seeing mental pictures. This isn’t nano science – we use our brains to pictures so many things every day: what we should wear, where we left our car keys, what we need or want to do in the day ahead.

If you picture yourself like a movie of the mind generating ideas successfully and even recall and review pleasant experiences with coming up with new ideas in your past, you can bring a positive and resourceful approach to your ideas session.

But look, do anything that works for you. A morning walk can be just as inspirational.

Whatever you do to get yourself in the mood for coming up with new ideas, a start-up or small business owners sometimes just has to be professional about it and do whatever it takes. A pro succeeds whatever the odds or their mood.

By now I’m sure you’re in the mood and can picture yourself gaining from the information and techniques in these blog posts that you must subscribe today.

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Chesney Bradshaw

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