Prosperity is like an ephemeral lady – unless you treat her very well, she will leave, and for good

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Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Prosperity is like an ephemeral lady who stays when people love and respect her – but unless you treat her very well and treasure her, she will leave, and for good .

Prosperity comes not out of the blue but when a nation or an individual or group works very hard, honestly and and when individual freedom and liberty is in place.

When these things are taken away, prosperity, like an ill-treated lady disappears.

It may take decades to bring her back or she may never return.

Some people took prosperity for granted and in fact made conditions so bad that she slipped out of the front door. No one knows when and if she will return.

Now, we all are in the same boat with worse to come, and unless hard work, forward planning, honesty and a reverence for individual freedom and liberty occurs, conditions won’t be conducive to encourage, coax or woo prosperity.

It’s very much like the goose that lays golden eggs. You know the story where a greedy person ripped open the goose to get more eggs but found nothing inside.

Once all the golden eggs are laid and the magic has gone, there are no more eggs.

There will, of course, be those individuals and groups who will experience some measure of prosperity – there always are.

But what we talking about here is overall national prosperity.

All the plans in the world and high-level grandstanding, count for very little unless values are in place.

We don’t want to sound preachy but unless there are values and one of them being cardinal, work ethic, there is no hope for a general state of prosperity.

Reading so far, you might think or feel that this sounds bleak. Well it is. It’s not a case of being negative, despondent, giving up hope or despair.

If you don’t take this message to heart, then it’s best to part company and go on with wishful thinking.

What’s to be done?

Well, everyone has an answer or several answers.

What is your answer?

It starts with getting your own ship in shape, trimming the non-essentials, cutting out the extravagant (if there is in these times) and coming up with new ideas, new methods, new uses for technology, new ways to do things better than they have ever been done before.

We aren’t born with a manual that teaches us how to succeed but if you want a guide for life and business improvement, find yourself a copy of ” Breakthrough Ideas”.

It’s helped others and it can help you too.

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