Small-space vegetable gardens take off in these times

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How to grow great edibles in containers, raised beds, and small plots

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Photo by Megan Thomas on Unsplash

Pre-lock-down, many people were already starting to grow their own food at home whether they had a garden or not. Now with the lockdown all over the world, edible gardening is taking off.

People are learning how to grow food in any city flat, cottage or yard no matter how small.

Everyone wants to have access to fresh, local, produce straight from the farm. But growing your own has several benefits:

– access at home to fresh vegetables and herbs

– connecting with the soil, seeing seeds sprout

– green therapy (good exercise and a source of joy in an anxious time for many)

– teaches people very important skills and values

– freshness of home-grown food and the natural taste

– food security (many are concerned about sustainability of food supply)

– retirees are turning their green thumbs into green that they can spend (to save on costs)

– with toxic chemicals everywhere people are wanting to start edible gardens.

People want to protect themselves from disruptions in the food supply chain such as the unexpected lockdowns. There is also great uncertainty about the future and people are worried about food scarcity and even famine.

Many people have awakened to starting their own edible food gardens and are searching for information on how to start edible gardens no matter how tiny.

Young people and families are reading blog posts like this, contacting their nurseries for seeds and equipment and signing up for online courses (like the one that will be offered here to share a wealth of knowledge from years of gardening small with tons of ideas and information for a beginner urban gardener).

In these times we all want to share our information, knowledge and expertise for free to help others.

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