Something to celebrate – business people who are thriving against overwhelming odds

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A new toughness is growing in hardy business people who are thriving despite the odds

I want to talk about business people in this economy who are thriving despite the extremely harsh conditions for business in this country.

It’s a celebration because no matter what is thrown at some business people they have a cheery outlook and find opportunities for themselves and their families.

No one can put these good people down.

I’m not going to mention the types of businesses nor any names. It’s prudent to do so in the current vicious climate where industries are being trashed and broken apart for ideological and political reasons.

I know of many business people who have successfully surmounted the odds.

One who immediately springs to mind is someone who has a business with one employee, owns machinery and has lucrative exports into Africa. I will say no more.

It’s best that these businesses stay under the radar far away from talkshow hosts and social media.

These business people I’m talking about have no time or need for talk show hosts and social media to brag about what they are doing. Most the time anyway you find that business people who go on these public relations business programs are not doing well in their businesses and are desperate to promote themselves to gain business with their useless ideas.

We know that there are those people who would do anything to smash these kind of businesses.

But this is a celebration. It’s a celebration of the grit that good people have. The determination to make something of value that can bring in income for themselves and their families.

I think you can’t put a good person down. One must remember that these business people I know of come from a long line of working-class people. People who learnt trades, people who know about doing an honest day’s work.

This quality in these people that have come through generations cannot be taken away from them by any person or government.

They possess the qualities that produces something new, that gives value to people and helps grow communities.

Make no mistake operating these businesses is not a walk in the park.

It’s hard, often grinding, work that the slackers will shy away from.

Yet these business people carrying on day in and day out without complaint. In fact, they work with a smile on their face and plenty of sweat on their brow at the end of the day.

I am praising them for their ingenuity. Not for their ability to provide jobs. What a disgusting term is the label “Job provider”. Anyone proud of that, is a loser.

I am lauding them for being the best they can be in circumstances that are not for the faint hearted.

May these businesses continue to thrive and show everyone up how good these people are because they embody the true spirit of enterprise.

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