Special offer – quick training and advice on writing business emails or proposals

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I’m writing to you today because of a special opportunity that just came up. It’s a way for you to save 50% over what everyone else is paying for popular advice or training … but you must contact me today. There are only a few spots available at this price, and when they’re gone, that’s it.

Why it matters: Many people in business aren’t being taught how to write emails, business proposals and even how to leave voicemails.

In quick and easy 20-minute lessons, I’ll teach you how to write a business proposal to increase your chances of success.

Or if you need help with writing emails, and I can meet up with you on Zoom and go through the essentials that work in 20-minute lessons.

You may only need one lesson and then you’re on your way.

You may not require training but like some of my customers want advice on a specific proposal you have to write. I’ve assisted many business people and owners to do this effectively.

My rates are competitive, at least 50% below the market average. The reason: to give the small business owner or individual an opportunity to obtain the best advice and training possible. I give session in small chunks instead of some online or university course that’s going to cost you R10,000 or more.

Contact me today via Gmail or Outlook and let me know your requirements, whether training or specific advice for emails or a proposal business proposal, and I’ll send you a quote.

Find out more about me, my credentials and my service on ideaaccelerator.co.za.

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