Tense and frustrated? Can you force ideas?

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A stroll down the beach can get ideas flowing. Photo by Chesney Bradshaw

It’s difficult to generate new ideas when you are all tensed up, frustrated and despondent.

Some say you can. Use brainstorming, they say. But brainstorming in the way that it is practiced doesn’t yield quality ideas.

How then do you come to an optimal state where you can produce ideas? 

The general wisdom out there is that you need to be calm. And it’s probably right. How can you expect to use the creative part of your imagination when you are not at your best? 

One well known leader in the field counsels you to calm down and slow down. This enables you to enter a more resourceful state.

A brief visualisation session can also help to get the Alpha part of your brain working. Yet even with visualisation, you need to have a visualisation technique that can assist you to enter a positive mental state.

Idea generation can assist you in many areas of your life, including your business, personal circumstances and problem-solving. You might find yourself in a situation where your back is against the wall. Here it is vitally important that you slow down and use whatever you want to calm your mind. 

Unless you have a system based on techniques that work for idea generation, you won’t find your idea generation sessions that product productive whatever your mood or state. 

In the training manual, “Breakthrough Ideas”, from Bell & Cray Training Academy, you will find a whole range of different techniques for different situations that can help direct your flow of ideas into positive avenues. Without these techniques and methods, you can end up being just as frustrated when quality ideas don’t happen. 

The term “Breakthrough Ideas” means different things to different people. Your idea might not necessarily provide a breakthrough in the market. What we mean by “Breakthrough” is a personal breakthrough – something that helps you transcend or overcome your personal or business circumstances.

Find a place where you feel comfortable, do some deep breathing or whatever you wish,  calm yourself and let your ideas flow. It’s best to do an idea generation session when your mind is still fresh in the day. Don’t spend too long at it either because the mind and imagination easily tires. Keep with these sessions for one week and you’ll be surprised what you have achieved.

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