What do you need to make a living for yourself?

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What do you need to make a living for yourself?

I’m not talking about a career at a company or institution or being a salesperson.

What I am talking about is when you have some product or service to sell that you’ve come up with, or you may have other people’s products that you sell from a store or an online website.

The thing is, everything in life has certain requirements, and you must decide what resources you have to make a living.

You can’t just “fly by the seat of your pants” and expect things to happen for you.

I’d say the first thing that you need is something of value to offer.

It must be something that other people will want to buy. It must give them an opportunity to satisfy their needs.

Another thing is a network of contacts. To make a living for yourself, you need to build contacts. These contacts may well lead you on to potential customers and help you with earning a living for yourself.

A third thing is that you’ve got to have a potential market. This means having customers who want/need your product/service. There are numerous examples of people who had brilliant business ideas but found that no one wanted what they had to offer.

In these times where people’s pockets are tight, you need to have something that really, truly offers them value.

A fourth thing is that you need to know how to sell. Now, I’m not talking about being a salesperson. But think about it. Products won’t leave your home, your garage, or your office unless you contact people and offer your product or service to them.

Yes, this requires selling, but gone are the days of pushy, aggressive salespeople. You need to be able to sell in a conversational way that doesn’t put pressure on your potential customers.

The next thing is that you need to market your products or services. Fortunately, there are many platforms online for doing this today. All that is required is that you understand how to market your products and services in an honest and truthful manner, free of hype.

Typically, your advertising would indicate exactly what you have to offer, how it can help your potential customers, and how they can find you to buy.

The sixth important element of making a living for yourself is having key resources. Now, these resources could include knowing the right people, having access to finance, or being endorsed by people or other companies you know. Resources help you in your quest to make a living for yourself.

Another element is having an administration system. You need to have a system where you can record a sale and do basic bookkeeping to know what money is going out and what money is coming in so that you don’t have a cash overrun.

I’m trying to make it as simple as possible, but you can get sophisticated systems where you even have an accountant looking after your books. But in the beginning, you would want to do things quite simply and methodically.

There are other things you need to earn a living for yourself, but these seven things are among the most important, or the most essential.

If you are already in a situation where you are making a living for yourself or are thinking about making a living for yourself, take time to think over these seven areas.

Perhaps jot down a few ideas next to each item on a list, and this will help to clarify your thinking.

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