Why aren’t your business communications working?

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In these economically stressed times, it pays to make sure that your business communications are effective as they can be. 

Right now why not go check out your website or Facebook page and see when you last updated it. 

Have you recently looked at the emails your employees are sending out to prospective and existing customers? 

Just a cursory look at small and medium-sized websites shows that the way they are communicating and the content that they are providing are missing the mark. Sometimes there is too little information, other times there’s too much information. The writing is often dense, elliptical and not easy on the reader.

How can you expect to attract customers when your written business communications are not up to scratch?

Take for instance “About Us” sections on websites. Often they don’t tell an inspiring story of how the founder or owner of the business went about forming the business. There’s nothing about how the owner searched all over for a solution to a problem and had to come up with the solution himself or herself because there was nothing on the market. A kitchen company owner uses his story effectively on radio. In short, he couldn’t find anyone on the market to build kitchens as he wanted them done and now 14 years later he continues to have a thriving business. 

It doesn’t make sense to continue to leave your “About Us” section unchanged. Update it with something compelling instead of letting it lie there like a static listing in a business directory.

We are scratching the surface here. There are many areas where effective business writing can and does make a difference to your business income. It’s important not to leave this important communication to amateurs. Get in a professional, have them look over what you’ve got and let them go ahead and make the necessary changes. 

In most cases, the fault of ineffective emails and other business correspondence can be remedied by the business owner through sending their staff on business writing skills. Just remember that most of the training available is ineffective, produced by former school teachers and college and university lecturers who haven’t been exposed to the real world of business and selling. 

If you’ve got a problem with your business communications, let us know and if we feel we can help you, we will. 

Please remember it doesn’t make sense to continue wasting time and money on ineffective business communications when businesses are offloading thousands of people and global and local demand is at a low point. Scarce sales will go to those business owners who make their communications work for them in this economy.

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