People say terrible things about him but why’s he so happy?

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This is what they say about this man:

“…the most pathetic, untalented moron in the history of Hollywood…”

Voters for the Razzies, an Academy Awards spoof award gave him a record 11 nominations for worst movies of 2011: Jack and Jill, Just Go With It” and Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star.

A critic says about Jack and Jill:

“Maybe there’s an audience for it, but they should be embarrassed.”

Yet those who enjoy his movies say:

“Adam Sandler is the best, so keep on doing what you’re doing. Love all your movies.”

“Sandler’s movies now a days are more geared towards families and kids and that’s why the majority of them continue to do well.”

“Adam Sandler is an evil genius because he knows that these films are silly but more importantly he knows that they make him easy money.”

This last comment hints at how Sandler taps so well into the mass culture or as some might say low culture.

Those movies ridiculed by the critics have done well, very well:

Jack and Jill made $25 million on opening and has earned $74 million so far. Just Go With It brought in $30 million in its opening week and $103 million total earnings in theatres. These figures exclude foreign sales.

Sandler earned $20 million (including producer fees) for Jack and Jill, $25 million (including producer fees) for Just Go With It and $2,5 million for Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star.

A legendary marketer once said selling to low culture is where the big money is. Take magazines, which ones are the big sellers? Those that cover people, sex, gossip and scandal.

How do we better understand the needs, wants and desires of mass market or low market culture?

While art movies appeal to the intellectual part of the brain, low culture movies reach into the reptilian or old brain which controls our basic survival functions. It responds to basic feelings and emotions, stories, metaphors, strong imagery.

Funny movies speak to the old brain which wants to smile and laugh not be told to see a movie because it’s “intellectually stimulating”. This is just gibberish to the old brain.

What motivates your customers to buy? How can you reach them?

Even if you cater to a niche market, it still pays to know what hidden motives your customers have. It helps to shape your selling, offers and marketing appeals to them.

Understanding the mass market, low culture, what makes people really buy will take on a whole new meaning when you understand how well Sandler is able to key into people’s primary need for relaxation and pure, simple and silly fun.

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