Is hatred holding you back in your business?

On Letting Go
On Letting Go (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people seem obsessed with hatred. They talk about it all the time. They even end up writing long opinion pieces on the people they hate. Everyone is to blame for their lack, for their failure, for their lack of action.

I know it’s not easy. It’s not easy to be dealt a poor hand or no hand at all in life. Bitterness creeps in and seeps through your entire body and mind. The bitterness that somebody else has done better than you. The hatred of people even from the long distant past who you can blame for your own shortcomings. You can even blame them for your perspective or the particular mindset you hold. Continue reading “Is hatred holding you back in your business?”

Stay open to possibility

NYC - Eataly NY: La Mozzarella di Eataly
Cheese making. NYC – Eataly NY: La Mozzarella di Eataly (Photo credit: wallyg)

We may walk down the same path every day but never see something new. Then one day we are on the path and suddenly something leaps out at us that we’ve never noticed before. It could be a special flower growing along the walkway, a sapling that has been slowly growing out of the earth and has suddenly shot up to waist level or a bird nesting in a tree.

This analogy about a well-trodden path and being observant is very much how we go about our day-to-day life not noticing new things, change or trends. Unless we keep our eyes open often we don’t see things even though they are staring us right in the face. Continue reading “Stay open to possibility”

How do your beliefs about money show up in your business dealings?

Look for a money tree.
Look for a money tree. From WikiCommons.

I was listening to a conversation about money the day that made me think about how personal beliefs on money show up in our private and business dealings.

One woman wanted to know the difference between saving and hoarding. Her question was in the context of the flow of money that comes and goes in our lives. The topic of discussion was about the fear we may have about losing money. Continue reading “How do your beliefs about money show up in your business dealings?”