Don’t be caught by this simple buyer’s trick

Painting of McDonald's meals. Work by Dutch ar...
Painting of McDonald’s meals. Work by Dutch artist Peter Klashorst. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An artist completed a large painting for a potential customer who had “commissioned” the painting. When the painting was completed, the potential buyer turned around to the artist and told her that he no longer wanted to buy the painting. Unfortunately, the artist had not asked for a 50% deposit upfront and had to shoulder the burden of a R4,000 canvas alone. Continue reading “Don’t be caught by this simple buyer’s trick”

How much would you pay for a social media service for your small business?

Social Media Landscape
Social Media Landscape (Photo credit: fredcavazza)

Did you see that story the other day on how a social media company contracted a coastal city for 10 days and sent them a bill of R500,000?

The municipality gave out half a million Rand on a contract to promote the coastal city on social media. The reported contract involved paying R50,000 a day to:

  • provide two Facebook status updates a week
  • upload three pictures to Facebook a week
  • send a bulk tweet
  • upload Youtube videos
  • upload 20 images to instagram
  • advertise on its website

A Sunday newspaper reported that the city’s communications department has an operating budget of R48 million a year, a specialist web team and close to 50 employees in the communications team. Continue reading “How much would you pay for a social media service for your small business?”