Is direct mail still worthwhile?

spam gmail
spam gmail (Photo credit: notoriousxl)

When last did you receive a direct mail sales piece in your letterbox? These days with the decline of postal services it seems that less selling is being done via the traditional home mailbox.

The only direct mail piece that I can think of is some salesy letter that offers instant cash up to a few thousand Rand. It’s one of those sales letters that you almost instantly tear up and throw away because you know the big catch is the astronomical interest rates that this company will charge for loaning the money. Continue reading “Is direct mail still worthwhile?”

Do you make these mistakes in advertising your products?

Land Rover advert
Land Rover advert (Photo credit: Ben Terrett)

The petrol price has sky-rocketed to such stratospheric levels that companies have been forced to pull their sales people off the road.

Now more businesses are looking at selling through less direct sales methods such as print advertising, telesales and online sales messages.

The effective sales appeals that salespeople are able to make when selling face-to-face, reading customer clues on the spot, are much more difficult in shorter written messages. Continue reading “Do you make these mistakes in advertising your products?”