How do you manage your income with everything going up?

Income producing assetsEverything is going up. Taxes have shot up. Petrol may have gone down for some time but it’s on the rise. Electricity keeps going up. Wherever you look rates, utility bills and local taxes are increasing. Every one of your expense items whether it be insurance, DSTV, groceries and even restaurants is going up. Compare the price you paid for a meal on a Friday night about 2 to 3 years ago to what it is today. You’ll be lucky if you get a piece of chicken and a salad under R100.

With everything going up it is becoming more and more difficult to get by on your income. Increases are either zero or barely cover inflation. Many would say that you are lucky to even have an income. Even if you do have an income, you are probably working harder and longer hours because of the psychological pressures you are under and as a survivor in the big companies hard work is driven by your survivor mentality. Continue reading “How do you manage your income with everything going up?”