After enduring much trauma, this small business owner finally made a personal breakthrough

BOOK 2 FLAT jpg croppedI was talking to John, a small business owner a few weeks ago. He told me how desperate he had been for a personal breakthrough in his life.

He ran a factory with his brother but it was over when the Asian imports destroyed their market. He moved cities and thought that he could trade similar products, importing them from different markets overseas. On one of these shipments, a full container load, which he had financed himself, was hit by a sudden drop in the volatile local currency. He had not taken forward cover on the currency. He was devastated.

John is not a quitter. Over the next few weeks he began to plan for his future. An image began to form in his mind. He realised that the idea that he had for a new business is what he wanted to do. He would start a small takeaway and restaurant business but keep it to a size where if things went wrong he wouldn’t be over his head. Continue reading “After enduring much trauma, this small business owner finally made a personal breakthrough”

What happens when ideas just won’t come?

Luminous Idea
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I’ve got a problem I just can’t seem to solve. I have been at it for some time but there is no clear-cut solution. Nothing seems to work. I’ve used various idea-generation techniques (attribute listing, mind maps or think bubbles, the 20-Idea Method) but alas no simple solution. I’ve discussed the challenge with people and researched the Internet but I’m still waiting to connect the dots.

I don’t think it’s because the idea-generation techniques in themselves are not working. I’ve just come up against a massive challenge that has no easy solution. It’s not as bad as something like Rittel’s wicked problems because I can at least find that but it’s wickedly difficult to solve. Continue reading “What happens when ideas just won’t come?”

Recording tools for capturing ideas on the run

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Ideas have the potential to energise, enrich and even change our lives.

The unlimited treasure of the human imagination has the capacity to transform lives, to create new possibilities for working, living and playing. When we actively engage in producing ideas we begin to awaken within us thoughts from our unconscious. These thoughts may come to us in fragments, brief flashes of inspiration or in whole images that provide an almost perfect or complete blueprint for the way forward. Continue reading “Recording tools for capturing ideas on the run”

Freewriting spawns new business ideas

Need a single little-known idea-generation technique that will produce new business ideas for you? Help you solve problems? Explore issues in your business on a deeper level?

But here’s the thing: when you know what the technique is please don’t just forget about it and not use it.

Will you?

Ok, now with that out of the way let’s get down to briefly showing you what it’s all about… Continue reading “Freewriting spawns new business ideas”