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Published by Bell & Cray Media
Published by Bell & Cray Media

Do you want to come up with new ideas (for products and services or grow a new source of income) with a potential to provide a personal breakthrough in your life? Are you a young person or someone in your mature years with an idea that you absolutely must develop to make money or make a difference? Do you want a practical, hands-on guide to turning your idea into a viable product or service or something of your own but don’t know how?

Breakthrough Ideas is like owning a Swiss Army knife of tools that can help you find your idea, develop and test it and launch it successfully. It gives you a canister of rocket fuel to ignite your imagination and propel your promising idea from concept to income.

If you want to commercialise your idea by finding a market, test your product or service, develop a business plan and need help with marketing, promotion and selling, you’ll find it all in Breakthrough Ideas.

You’ll find this and more to help you map out your practical road to success:

  • How a complete novice can go about coming up with promising ideas, find a market and develop their idea into a product or service so they can sell it.
  • Hidden – but easy to find – places to hunt for and find valuable ideas that most people overlook. Yet very few entrepreneurs have ever heard of these places.
  • How to “instantly” generate money-producing ideas using a simple “combining” technique (a teenage entrepreneur used this amazing product development weapon to make a million)
  • 100 ideas in one sitting! You won’t believe how simple and easy this power session used by successful entrepreneur’s is until you try it yourself.
  • Why most “opportunity” seekers are 100% wrong in the way they use “creativity” techniques for business ideas (you’ll be amazed when you find the reason why).
  • Dirt-cheap “low-tech” ways to carry out a feasibility study.
  • Eight ordinary people spill the beans on their simple ideas for products and services that made them millionaires.
  • Spot possible “fatal flaws” in your product or service idea (avoid the biggest mistake rookies make).
  • Reduce the risk associated with new ideas through sensible evaluation criteria.
  • Inspirational stories of people young and old who proved it can be done.
  • How to sell even if you’ve never sold products or services before (even if you believe you’re too much of an introvert to sell).
  • Before you chuck up your dead-end job, you’d better be able to do this (a simple, proven approach that tests your motivation).

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